About our Shirts

Imagine! Tonight is the best party of the year! No Question for you what to wear! Open the Box and pull out your origial machgut-shirt.

We use 100% fair trade cotton shirts and organic water soluable Colors. Due to a special heating prozess these colors are water-proof when washed by hand (there are people loving their hundret-times-washed-in-a-machine-machgut-shirt too). Thereby we do not only prevent use of chemicals in the color but also in the process of printing.

[Foto einfärben der Druckplatte]

We print by thto the e classic block-printing technique. Opposing commonly used Siebdruck its possible to print real halftones. Due to the process and the differences when coloring the priting plate each shirt is a little different.

The Shirt comes in a box with a probe-print of the portrait. This print is signed and dated by the artist.

[Foto der Box]

We like to identify with famous people. But not every famous man or woman is a hero. It takes al little more than just success: it takes a life for the good of others. It takes a special action that crossed the borders of what people believed to be possible. ff

Not all Heroes act in public-some are unknown to the most of us. Thereby we will always try to find the less known heroes and mix them with the well known heroes.

The most Heroes we present are artists. Its quite difficult to e a hero as a politican or scientist-some are!-